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VNV Nation - Honour 2003 (FDR Versio 0.903.08.08 10:41:56Kein KnstlerVNV Nation - Honour 2003 (FDRKein Titel
F.d.r._stands_for_socialism_-_hey_bi 1.802.10.15 12:46:43FDR Stands For SocialismHey Bill, There's Too Many Wat2001Demo0:01:57128S44
Fdr.mp3 0.599.12.02 18:22:100:01:10 64M44
Fdr.mp3 7.402.03.30 21:33:280:07:43128S44
FDR Speech - Day Of Infamy - Dec. 8, 2.303.01.13 16:20:590:09:45 32M22
F.d.r._stands_for_socialism_-_Scoote 1.302.10.15 12:44:41FDR Stands For SocialismHello My Name Is Scooter And I2001DEMO0:01:24128S44
Fdrjones030739.mp3 0.603.05.30 01:46:58Judy GarlandFDR Jones1939The Pepsodent Show0:02:51 32M22
Fdr.mp3 4.601.02.18 16:22:05FDRSpeeches Fdr Declaration Of Wa0:04:47128S44
FDR.mp3 17:22:03
Freedom.mp3 3.603.01.29 01:49:51Project MercurySpeech Of Freedom99FDR0:03:47128S44
FDR.mp320.902.03.18 16:51:53
Af1fdr.mp3 0.704.01.07 02:02:10Air Force 1Fdr0:00:46128S44
1939-08-xx FDR Speech 'There Can Be 0.703.02.23 04:41:331939-08-xx FDRSpeech 'There Can Be No Peace'KM99's WWII (THE BIG ONE)1939-08-xx FDR Speech 'There Can0:01:28 64M44
Fdr_lhee.mp3 4.503.03.19 09:28:310:04:44128S44
Fdr_hhmm.mp3 09:28:050:04:26128S44
Great Speeches - FDR - Declaration O 7.401.03.06 18:16:010:07:43128S44
01 FDR.mp3 5.303.06.24 04:14:51
Fdr.mp3 2.604.01.06 03:52:420:11:06 32M22
Walz69_1.mp3 22:14:07F V p A t FDr.MU c v i U X P0:03:34 80S22
0430worldsfair.mp3 0.804.04.24 16:45:28FDR And David SarnoffDedication Of 1939 New York WoSounds Of History0:00:54128S44
Nara-rg208-79-fdr-laborday-speech-9- 05:48:24Labor Day - FDR Message - Sept0:09:55 96M44
SFD(demo).mp3 5.402.09.17 03:16:04FDR And The New DealSuper Fatty Dicks (Demo)Just Bustin
01fdr.mp3 5.303.08.06 00:12:57Skuntry Guide To Dead PresidentsFDR
Keren_Ann.Not_Going_Anywhere_(Live_F 23:21:06Keren AnnNot Going Anywhere (radio Live0:06:30128M44
Deeduborgano.mp3 7.603.10.11 01:30:58FDRDeeduborgano2003Reflections Of FDRRough Cut Preview
Paycheckorgano.mp310.903.10.11 01:17:20FDRPaycheckorgano2003Reflections Of FDRRough Cut Preview0:22:47 64M22
FDR-Estado-de-Alerta.mp3 4.504.05.14 21:31:300:04:46128S44
FDR-Ponto-pro-Inimigo.mp3 21:38:150:05:14128S44
FDR-Salve-Essa-Flor.mp3 4.604.05.26 00:06:200:04:48128S44
19330312_FDR_On_The_Bank_Crisis-1st_ 3.304.02.10 22:28:07
19330507_FDR_On_The_Bank_Crisis-2nd_ 5.304.02.10 22:32:360:03:44192M44
Fdr_09_1940_randolph_conversation_vb 7.804.05.16 17:29:15White HouseFranklin D. Roosevelt Offic CoFranklin D. Roosevelt Office Con0:08:08128M44
Fdr_09_1940_randolph_conversation_64 3.904.05.16 17:29:54White HouseFranklin D. Roosevelt Offic CoFranklin D. Roosevelt Office Con0:08:09 64M44
1920_FDR-Americanism.mp3 17:32:24
Walz64_2.mp3 1.901.11.14 22:08:46F V p A t FDr.MC D N Z i U S Q0:03:14 80S22
Walz34_3.mp3 22:01:44F V p A t FDr.MU Q L c v i R S R0:02:04 80S22
Walz64_1.mp3 22:04:13F V p A t FDr.MU Q c v i U S P0:01:42 80S22
Walz34_1.mp3 21:58:49F V p A t FDr.MU c v i R S [ P0:05:09 80S22
Noct9_2.mp3 21:11:47F V p A t FDr.MZ z i X- Q0:03:49 80S22
Noct9_1.mp3 21:06:25F V p A t FDr.MZ Z i X- P0:03:48 80S22
Great Speeches - FDR-We're Going To 7.403.12.22 03:43:13Franklin D. Roosevelt 1FDR Speech To Congress 12/8/4119410:07:44128S44
Fdr_23_1940_1108_press_conference_6914.604.05.16 17:11:57White HouseFranklin D. Roosevelt Press CoFranklin D. Roosevelt Press Conf0:15:18128M44
Fdr_05_1940_0906_press_conference_6712.204.05.15 00:00:35Franklin D. Roosevelt Press CoFranklin D. Roosevelt Press Conf0:25:25 64M44
Fdr_1940_side_18b_vbr.mp310.904.05.23 22:51:53Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:11:23128M44
Fdr_10_1940_randolph_conversation_2_ 17:34:26White HouseFranklin D. Roosevelt Office CFranklin D. Roosevelt Office Con0:08:36128M44
Fdr_1940_side_10_64kb.mp3 5.704.05.23 22:52:47Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:11:56 64M44
Fdr_1940_side_06_64kb.mp3 23:04:42Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:15:10 64M44
Fdr_1940_side_12a_vbr.mp3 7.504.05.23 21:12:30Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:07:51128M44
Fdr_1940_side_03_vbr.mp314.804.05.23 23:28:06Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:15:31128M44
Fdr_1940_side_03_64kb.mp3 7.404.05.23 23:08:11Original Franklin D. Roosevelt R0:15:33 64M44

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